At both the Wesley and Greenslopes Fetal Medicine Units, each patient will receive detailed explanation of the scan or procedure they are about to have. As you progress through your scan or procedure the sonographer and/or Dr Carmody will explain what you are seeing on the screen and its meaning to you and your baby. By the time you leave the ultrasound room you will be fully informed of the scan outcome. A copy of the report, which will be sent to your referring doctor, will also be given to you in a ‘keepsake’ folder along with a DVD and images of your baby.


If you are attending our clinics for a gynaecological scan, the procedure will be explained before the examination and at the end of the scan the outcome and recommendations will be explained to you.


If however, you would like to consult with Dr Carmody regarding a particular concern in your pregnancy before committing to a procedure please phone reception. Most problems can be solved over the phone by either a sonographer or Dr Carmody. On the occasions where this is not possible, it can be arranged for you to speak ‘face to face’ with Dr Carmody on a consultation basis only.


If you provide a referral from your doctor this is rebatable through Medicare.